Open Letter to all Companies interested in entering the North West Business Awards

Sent to companies on the 18th September 2019

Good Morning,

We’ve just under two weeks now until we close the entries on this year’s North West Business Awards, as with other events I’ve chaired in the past, I won’t be asking you to enter the awards.

Why? Because for me entering an awards process is a choice, if we sought out companies and asked them to enter then we are making a presumption of who will or won’t win. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee you would win an Award at the North West Business Awards.

I do want to let you know about our process.

We’ve already received an incredibly high number of entries (and that’s way above where we felt we would be at this point) and therefore we want to be honest that we won’t be extending the deadline. Our judges have already started reading the applications for this year based on those already submitted.

The deadline for entries is the 30th September, on the 15th October we will have a working shortlist of 5 companies in each category that we will be sharing. 

At this point we want to be clear, that we won’t have an indication on who will win.

Each entrant will be asked to attend a video interview before the end of 2019 at our production partners’ studio in Stockport, Greater Manchester. We will also give the opportunity for all applicants to submit any video content they would like to be considered alongside their interview. This could be a corporate video, an iPhone footage around the workplace or a short video from the team explaining why you think you deserve to win.

At this point we will give the judges 6 weeks to analyse the entries, watch all 70 companies videos, interviews and evidence. In March the judges will meet and then vote on a scale of 1 -5 in each category, we will also compile detailed feedback on what was good and would could be better in each companies entry. This is the feedback most companies don’t get.

On the 27th March at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester, at the North West Business Awards presentation we will announce a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category. Highlighting the success of each entrant but also providing information on those who weren’t the 1st place finish on how close they came and perhaps what improvements can be made.

This is why I can’t ask you to enter, the North West Business Awards is a process, with a celebration at the end of it. We want to provide a credible and strict process for selecting the Best Businesses in the North West, we also want to be honest in our evalutation.

If this is a process you, or perhaps a colleague/ supplier or friend would be interested in entering, then we would welcome your application before the end of September 2019 at

Applications are submitted free of charge online, with 15 categories we suggest to enter as many as you feel relevant to your business.

We  want to wish the best of luck to those who have already entered and to the countless entries we know that companies are still working on.

If you would like to answer any questions our contact details are below.

Kind regards

James Caldwell

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